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Reading in computer names


When you first start up the program, you will be asked if you have a list of computer names. This allows you to read in a text file into the program and populate the Old Computer Names section instead of filling them in individually. The text file must contain a list of computer names, each on a new line.

The main window


The second screen you are presented with is the main program window. Two large textboxes display the old computer names and their corresponding new names. In the top right area of the window are three buttons: save dictionary, load dictionary and read in computer names.

Save Dictionary saves the file that the program uses to keep track of each computer and what it will be renamed to. The dictionary file has the extension .txt

The Open Dictionary button loads a previously saved dictionary. It allows you to continue adding or editing computer names.

Read in computer names brings up the same dialog box presented on start up. It will read in a text file formatted in the way described above (not a dictionary file) and add the names to the Old Computers text box.

Just below the button strip is the Manual Entry section. Here, you can enter the name of a computer that you want to rename and the name you want it to be renamed to in the respective entry field. Clicking Add to Queue will add the computer to the dictionary.

Above the Rename Computers button is the output box. Here, the program will display information about the current rename operation. The textbox can be scrolled by clicking inside the box and using the arrow keys to navigate up and down.

Finally, in the bottom left of the main window is the delete button. This deletes an entry from the dictionary. To do so, select a computer in the Old Computer Name textbox and click delete. This will delete the computer (and its corresponding new name) from the dictionary.


  1. Either read in computer names from a text file or input them via the appropriate entry fields and click Add to Queue
  2. Check that every computer has the correct name. You can edit the name that the computer will be changed to but if the old name is incorrect, you will have to delete the computer from the dictionary and add it again
  3. Click Rename Computers
  4. Enter the credentials of a domain administrator
  5. Save a log file of the outcome of each rename operation

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